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"Chris Rasmussen, without a doubt is the finest counsel that can represent you in Nevada. If you have been charged or are in any trouble criminal wise, DUI, felony or misdemeanor charges, warrants, anything and everything criminal, you must retain his counsel, you would be a FOOL not to. I have known, Chris over 20 years and he is my personal attorney, represented myself on 3 personal injury cases, as well as bogus DUI charge that was thrown out of court. I have referred numerous friends, and business clients I deal with daily and they speak volumes about his, attitude, service, and expert knowledge of the law, to make sure you are protected, and safe with all your legal rights as a human being! In addition, his personality, thoughtfulness, and service after your case is completed is second to NONE! All motions, paperwork, documents, are filed in a timely manner, no excuses, and his personal office executives are superb. If you want to be represented by the best, you call Chris, if you want to be behind bars, deal with the rest, and he answers all calls, unless in court, in a timely manner, which we all appreciate."

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