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Criminal Defense

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Rasmussen Law P.C. provides experienced representation for individuals charged with violations of federal or state laws in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are fully experienced and highly skilled at handling complex violent felony cases, such as assault, burglary, robbery, murder, domestic violence and sex crimes. In addition, we provide the same level of aggressive representation to individuals facing misdemeanor crimes, including fraud, petty theft, and drunk driving.

As exceptional Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys, Rasmussen Law P.C. will strive to keep you out of jail by having charges dismissed or reduced with minimal consequences. Only a highly experienced criminal defense attorney can successfully negotiate to have charges dropped or secure the best plea bargains. We know the judges, prosecutors, court system and personnel, and the Las Vegas police, and we have a strong reputation within the Las Vegas community.

Public Defender or Private Defense Attorney?

Hiring a private attorney to defend a criminal charge can be intimidating and daunting. However, if you are trying to decide between a private criminal defense attorney and the public defender, you need to know the differences. Not everyone in Las Vegas will be eligible for a Public Defender. There may be income qualifications, and even if you qualify, a private defense attorney may be the better choice. You can receive far more effective legal representation and greater communication from a private criminal defense attorney.

If you have been arrested, you should not risk your future on a public defender. They face heavy caseloads, and while they are committed to seeking justice, they may not be able to provide each client with the exacting detail required in criminal defense cases due to their workloads. With Rasmussen Law P.C., your case will be thoroughly analyzed and aggressively defended.

Las Vegas Crimes We Often Defend

Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys are well versed and proven to get results with all types of criminal cases. However certain arrests for crimes in Las Vegas are more common than others. As a result, our law firm has had the opportunity to successfully defend clients faced with criminal charges like the ones listed below:

  • Drug and paraphernalia related Charges: We often meet clients with trumped up charges related to cocaine, marijuana, meth amphetamines, ecstasy, heroine, and the like. Many times these clients are accused of intent to distribute narcotics, which in most cases is very far from the truth. In every drug related case our focus starts by investigating the facts, leading up to the charges.Many times mistakes are made on behalf of the Las Vegas police department and can be grounds for dismissal. Other times we will find absolutely no substantial evidence of any intent to distribute narcotics. It is important to remember that the burden of proof lies on the state. Our attorneys will not rest until all legal options are thoroughly explored.

  • Las Vegas battery domestic violence charges: Domestic violence, and battery charges are very common in Las Vegas. Every year we see tons of clients come through our doors being accused of domestic violence with little or no evidence to account for it. Fact is, it is not hard for someone to be accused of domestic violence, or battery. It often boils down to a he said, she said type dispute with no evidence of bodily injury.Many times with domestic violence charges in Las Vegas there are hidden motives, or hidden agendas which lead to the arrest in Las Vegas. It could stem from a verbal dispute, trouble with a relationship, an attempt at discrediting a spouse for custody of children. Any one of these things could lead to a false accusation, such as someone being struck. It is always our priority to review the evidence, and work immediately on your criminal defense.

Highly Skilled Criminal Defense Team

You need a team of zealous criminal defense attorneys in your corner to secure the best possible outcome and protect your rights. Whether you face a first time misdemeanor or you are facing serious federal felony charges, we will fight to secure the best possible results, and we will do so while providing you with sound, experienced legal advice and representation.

An initial consultation is completely complimentary and confidential. Call us immediately to discuss your specific circumstances or criminal charges. If you prefer, simply fill out the online questionnaire, and we will contact you.


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